General Characteristics of Tubes

We offer a wide range of tubes/pipes, such as: used tubes/pipes Ø 325, used tubes/pipes Ø 219, used tubes/pipes Ø 377, used tubes/pipes 530×8, used tubes/pipes 426×8, used tubes/pipes 325×8, used tubes/pipes Ø 630, used tubes/pipes Ø 273, used tubes/pipes Ø 530. You can buy any tube/pipe you need on our web-site.

Tubes/pipe material: carbon low-alloyed steel of different grades.

Quality Warranty: tubes/pipes comply with all requirements of state standards (GOST 8732-78, GOST 10705-80, GOST 8694-74, etc.) and technical specifications (TU U 27.2-00190802-024:2003, TU U 27.2-00190802-026:2007, TU 14-3-1430-87, etc.)

To be used in: for outdoor and underground purposes.

Industries: oil and gas industry, industrial facilities, road, industrial and civil construction, etc.

Assigned purpose: erection of load-bearing metal structures or as a bored pile at constructions, to make drainage systems at road-buildings, to support large-diameter pipelines; to act as an element of ventilation, rainwater, sanitary sewer and water-pipelines ( industrial water treatment) systems, protective encasement for new tubes/pipes, etc.

Note: please, pay your attention that tubes/pipes may have various wall thickness. This refers to the following types: used tube/pipe Ø 159, used tube/pipe Ø 325, used tube/pipe Ø 219, used tube/pipe Ø 426, and used tube/pipe Ø 530

We offer high-quality renovated products, as well as the most in-demand used tube/pipe Ø 530, which we offer at the most attractive price and profit for consumer.

Tubes/Pipes Ø 520 mm

Available on the basis of Chaikovsky
The wall thickness, mm Number of tons View the location and photos

is out of stock

Base Barda

Pipe diameter, mm The wall thickness, mm Number of tons
325 12

is out of stock

219 8

is out of stock

219 7

is out of stock

Base Skal’nyj

Tubes/Pipes ⌀325, ⌀273, ⌀159

Base Kungur

Pipe diameter, mm The wall thickness, mm Number of tons
159 4


159 6


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